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Tynemouth Fakefest review

Fakefest and North Shields had a lot to live up to after last year’s successes, after seeing the date sold out before the gates even opened. On arrival (4 May 2013) however, it was clear there was nothing to worry about in that regard as the concessions were already abuzz with an excited crowd.

A smattering of local talent decorated the bill finally culminating in an impressive set from The Longsands. Their local following clearly made up a reasonable percentage of the audience front and centre. One fan commented afterwards “We love The Longsands – we’d follow them anywhere.”

To kick off the main event, the Debbie Harry and Blondie tribute act, ‘Blondied’ took to the stage. The open mouthed crowd were treated to four wardrobe changes; each one more flamboyant than the last, as the band went through the greatest hits of the celebrated singer. The enthusiastic gatherings lapped up the professional rendition and were very forthcoming with their appreciation.

“You’re all from the North East, right? I want your cell, I want your social security – there’s just one way, guys” admonished Michelle Hendricks in Debbie Harry’s American accent, before delving straight into ‘One Way Or Another’ to close her set. A truly heart-warming and awe inspiring act. Michelle later told me she’s met Debbie a number of times and that they share not only a taste in music, but height, shoe size and have the same ‘crooked little fingers’.

Kazabian‘ have been voted the best tribute act on the circuit at the moment and have been personally endorsed by Tom Meighan and even Serge himself – “They make venues crumble where we ain’t got time to. They’re awesome.”
After rallying up the highly anticipating crowd the boys showcased an incredible likeness to the original act executing songs from the self-titled album, ‘Empire’, ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’ and the most recent release ‘Velociraptor!’

As darkness drew in around the giant marquee it was time for the headline act – ‘Oasish‘. Before the boys even opened their mouths it was evident that they’re merely a shade away from enjoying a chinwag and a cup of tea with Noel.
Their backline and instrumentation were perfect mirror images, right down to ‘Noel’s’ Union Jack Epiphone Supernova and ‘Liam’s’ Pretty Green parka (admittedly now looking a bit worn).

The group played for around an hour and a half and hit almost every acclaimed Oasis song ever penned. As ‘Liam’ stood behind the microphone, his hands behind his back and his head awkwardly tilted to one side I wondered if I’d moseyed in late, would I have queried why Oasis were playing in North Shields? Unbelievably accurate and very well practiced.

As the crowds slowly dispersed for their return journey, it was evident that throughout the day there had been a certain notion sewn into the ether. A notion that I feel was mutually understood – let’s all get a guitar, learn a handful of chords, buy a hat and start a band.

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