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Muse – 2nd Law album review

So this is what it’s all been amounting to – a direct evolution from the early days of Origins of Symmetry (Plug in Baby), through Black Holes and Revelations (Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole) the orchestral stage of The Resistance (ambivalent dross that nobody bought) and now this. The 2nd Law: Muse’s 9th Symphony.


The album as a whole is a cacophony of influences, ranging from the likes of Brian May to Coldplay to perhaps even Skrillex.
The album’s name sake track builds with a string section full of panic and animosity played against a news broadcast of the planet’s well documented energy crisis. Although the broadcast has been construed to sound like Earth is in the clutches of evil and we’re all doomed, it’s very passionate. Its sheer gravitas puts it as a header for The 2nd Law.

Save Me documents Chris Wolstenholme’s battle with alcoholism and for the first time, Bellamy’s put him forward for lead vocals. Dominic Howard, drummer, admits “it’s like having a new member in the band.”
I’m going to be honest, I was expecting a vodka soaked version of We Are The Champions, but as I’m listening and writing right now, I’m eating my words – the kid can sing. We’ve got ourselves a regular Chris Martin here. Well done on both counts, Chris.

It would be improper not to mention Panic Station. The horns in this track are epic. Brass of this calibre hasn’t featured in anything in a while, and it makes a great change.
The fact that Muse have embraced so many new directions and crammed them all together further proves that they can evolve with the music industry, and aren’t anything like the masses, eventually becoming stuck in their ways.

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