What to expect when you’re expecting, to leave University


This is it – you’re fast approaching the bitter end. That seemingly insignificant glow at the end of a three year tunnel has begun its swift approach. It now burns galactic weight onto your already dissertation laden shoulders and you want nothing more than to sack off the library and go blow a bit of that fresh student loan, daringly peeking out from inside your usually paper-thin wallet.

I get that.

The concluding months of university are all about establishing an equilibrium. Don’t become a hermit and set up shop in the book prison and by no means give Charlie Sheen a run for his money when you’ve got that final exam looming.
In one of my closing weeks I played catch in the house for three hours. Other nights I would wrestle with the notion of ‘just one pint’ – which is okay, right? You’ve got to give yourself time to recharge otherwise your work will suffer.

I think we’ve all been at the point where you’re staring at a harrowingly sparse Word document, effortlessly trying to contemplate where all the literary greats got all their stupid inspiration from. All too soon the harsh Sun will break and the morning dew would glisten with condescension against the white wash walls – that’s when you eventually give in and call it, right? They’re the all-nighters generally followed by late, lazy afternoons in which you find work that little bit easier and you can polish that half conscious drivel from the night before.

Always (try to) leave yourself enough time to employ alterations. Aim not to be hammering in those last few sentences on handover day. As I type this now, post-uni, I know you’re probably thinking “pfft, easy for you to say” and yes, if I said I wasn’t still going over ideas a few nights before handover I’d be a liar and a hypocrite. There is no definitive plan to success – only commitment, sheer determination and my crudely crafted advice.

Nail it and you’ve got a few weeks of untainted bliss ahead of you, to do with whatever you please. Then you get to wear daft robes and pretend you’re at Hogwarts.

Good luck.

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