Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon album review

It’s been a long day at the office, and the knowing that I’ve got albums waiting for me at home can at times be a daunting thought – but not this time.
I had heard the single ‘Sleep Alone’ a week before (27 Aug) the album arrived, and as it engaged the salivation process (just like Pavlov did with his mutts), I knew it was set to be a banger.

I can therefore vivaciously confirm the long awaited new album from the Irish trio has been a very well received success. But before we get into that, I’m unsure if Beacon is what the Tourist History lover is strictly looking for.
It’s a powerful journey through tremolo clad indie-pop, and it hosts similarly mushy messages in Trimble’s happy go lucky Irish twang but it’s an evolved sound. It’s a mature, self assured and yet nonchalant sound, that I reckon they’ve been searching for, for a while.

Pyramid opens in what I thought for a second was Pink Floyd. Within seconds it’s unmistakably TDCC, but it’s shit like that. It’s the sophistication and maturation that has forced the group into a fully blossomed group.
Pounding toms, driving bass and dancing synth lines feature heavily in this album, and the drops and crescendos make it all the more spectacular.

For new comers, Beacon’s true genius will put Two Door on the map in their iTunes library, but then knowing they can go back to 2010 and discover Tourist History is exciting. It’s like finding out you’ve got those ‘bottom of the bag chips’ left over.

I didn’t think they could top it, but they’ve progressed further than anyone anticipated possible in two years.
Beacon is a capital release and I’ve got no doubt it will be up there with the best of 2012.

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