Joss Stone – Soul Sessions Vol 2 album review

It’s been a long time coming, but nine years later we’re presented with the result of personal growth and a lifetime dedication to soul. Stone made her money with the 2003 release of the original Soul Sessions album, and now it looks as if the money pot is running low.

The 25 year old British singer has compiled a handsome collection of seventies and eighties covers, some more well know than others, to make up this stellar album. My only gripe being that her voice at times swings more towards her blues roots, growling up and the down the scales. Soul music was born out of deep south, and there it should remain – we Brits have had a good run with an eclectic scope of the genres, but the American’s do soul. They do soul well.

The collection features such greats as The Honey Comb’s ‘While You’re Out Looking For Sugar’, Turbinton’s ‘First Taste Of Hurt’ and Sylvia Robinson’s ‘Pillow Talk’ to name but a few. The headline however, has got to be the highly polished version Womack & Womack’s famous ‘Teardrops’.

Stone commented “I really had fun revisiting The Soul Sessions idea and I’m really pleased with the results” when interviewed about her new album.
“I’ve committed long term to my label Stone’d Records, but it felt right to team up with Steve Greenberg and S-Curve again for this release. I think there are some great songs on the album and I loved performing them with such brilliant musicians.”

Don’t be under any illusion that the neo-soul star has been painting her toenails since the original Soul Session release. Super group ‘SuperHeavy’ was formed in 2009 with Rolling Stones front man, Mick Jagger, producer Dave Stewart, AR Rahman and the offspring of Bob Marley and possibly the coolest man I’ve ever seen, Damien Marley.
Their reggae infused soul debut single ‘Miracle Worker‘ (click for Youtube video) was released in July 2011, unfortunately not doing as well as critics had forecast.

The hour long compilation is an admiral one, and comes with a strong recommendation from yours truly. There is one  question remaining though, collecting dust at the back of my brain: ‘can Joss Stone actually write her own material?’ I would like to think so… Watch this space.

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