MoRo – Slow River album review

There are few instances in music journalism when you know; you know for sure, you’ve found a diamond in the rough – it appears today I’ve done just that.

Four piece indie outfit MoRo, are London’s answer to the current ‘Indie Crisis’. I’m unsure if you’re aware of the current Indie Crisis, however it mainly outlines the fact that every band these days that doesn’t have a definitive label stuck on their faces, are proclaimed ‘Indie’. Well these boys are most definitely independent, and it’s refreshing to hear something brand new.
MoRo has so much going on in almost every number – a small yet complementing horn section, classic but not overbearing keyboard work, perfectly executed harmonies: the Full Monty.

Soul and Motown influences are incredibly prevalent almost immediately in this album.
In ‘Now And Then’ the horn section drives the song, you can almost hear them singing “…now and then”.
It’s a classic feel-good summer tune, and if you listen carefully you can just about pick out the xylophone in the background, very much the icing on the proverbial cake. Toward the close of the track the band burst into what I can only assume is a freestyle type, ad-lib section. Whatever it is, it’s awesome.

Seemingly effortless tunes back to back make MoRo’s album a winner in my books – as debutants it’s impressive they’ve found their feet at such an early stage. ‘Slow River’ is the type of album you would expect a little further down the line, perhaps a second or third release.

All things said, I’m very aware that MoRo are very much a four piece band – recreating this big sound may prove difficult live unless they’re prepared to draft in extra musicians. I’d be very interested to see the band in person.
If they were to play with sample pads and synths, in a poor attempt to mask the missing instrumentation, I feel I would be disappointed.

If you’re in the London area this Summer look out for MoRo, and hopefully they’ll have a battalion of horns pounding out harmonised brilliance – just as I’m hearing today.

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