Miike Snow – Happy To You album review

Miike Snow has returned.
After their self titled debut album (2009) not ranking as highly as it should have in UK charts, their second studio album ‘Happy To You’ mightn’t have had the fans queuing up at the gates. That’s not to say Wyatt, Karlson and Winnberg haven’t produced a stellar quality sound this time round. Personally I think ‘Happy To You’ is unequivocally what fans have been yearning for.

Following the release of single ‘Paddling Out’, there was a niggling thought in the back of my mind that the rest of the album wouldn’t level up – I’m happy to report that I’ve been proven wrong.
Take for example ‘Bavarain #1’ – opening with regimental snare rolls and hastily joined by Miike Snow’s trademark synth patterns it doesn’t take long for it to evolve into a great feel good track. Much of the same goes for ‘Devil’s Work’ and ‘The Wave’.

A finely polished compilation of tracks, delivered with everything we fell in and out of love with in 2009. Clanging keys, militant beats, and wailing yet collected synth arpeggios are exactly what the Swedish trio have built into the side of the music industry.

It’s fresh and innovative and in no way just another autotuned ‘electro-pop’ band that will eventually collapse into nonentity. One sincerely hopes the lads will be playing some open air, sun soaked festivals this summer because I can’t help but feel their music was designed  for that sole purpose.

Miike Snow will be performing UK dates this summer, but confirmation is still being awaited. The band are to perform over March and April across the US, ending with a performance at Coachella Festival.

Happy To You is available now.
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