Maccabees live @ Rock City, Nottingham

Rock City, one of Nottingham’s finest and established gig venues played host to the Maccabees on 8 March 2012.
The band have gone from strength the strength with their music, and on the back of their most recent album release (Given To The Wild, 6 January) the boys had the young roaring crowd, heated with excitement.

‘Feel To Follow’ and ‘Pelican’ were met with a most rapturous applause, and as the passion burned from the stage, and the atmosphere climbed to the rafters it dawned on me that this had got to be one the band’s larger successes.
The more committed fans, front and centre, literally lapped up the sextet’s fervent new album – the newly introduced synth lines hauled the entire sound upwards and outwards, with every addition on top of that creating a complex yet well designed cocktail of music.

Every angle of the new L.P. has been sculpted with a live sound in mind. Any fan who’s been let down at a live performance (by, let’s call it studio magic) will know what I’m talking about, but the Maccabees are certainly not one of those acts. Full time commitment has been pumped into this bands bloodstream intravenously, and hopefully this will continue for years to come.

The boys rounded up with a three song encore, which was, as the rest of the set suggested, always going to be wholeheartedly agreed with.

As the band hit the climax of their performance with a few of their more acclaimed tracks from albums gone by, the crowd screamed for more – but the beast that was the gig at Rock City had to end at some point.

An exciting, full throttle gig I am happy to say has been one of my personal favourites this year.

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