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They say good things come in small packages – perhaps the same rule applies to small cities…

There’s been a preeminent line of successful groups to emerge from Oxford, most notable of course being Radiohead – in their shadow you’ll find the likes of Supergrass, Young Knives, Foals and Stornoway.
The most recent deployment of footloose and fancy-free twenty something’s must be This Eden – an acoustic/folk quartet that formed in 2007, releasing their debut album at the end of last year.

This Eden are a straight up easy listen, with a great dynamic. I can envision a sun-soaked foreign festival to properly appreciate this mob. Radford’s thick double bass strings drive the band, communicating almost effortlessly with the percussion and the indie pop hammer-on’s from the accompanying guitars.
Vocally it’s rather evident the likes of Newton Faulkner or John Mayer have played a big part influencing Jonathan Darley (lead vocals) – especially in ‘Cornflake’ and ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’.

There’s a clear balance within the group and I feel it’s this that will make them standout above other similarly genre driven outfits. For example the slow bendy-blues solo in ‘Mountains’ isn’t pushed or strained, but rides comfortably on a cushion of sound administered by the remaining instrumentation.

Having not personally experienced the band live, you shouldn’t take what I’m about to profess as gospel, but I feel these lads would be in their element, in the flesh. There are certain aspects of a collection of tracks that you can’t properly appreciate whilst sitting at home – it’s this hidden constituent that I feel would sell the band for me.

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3 responses to “This Eden Review

  1. Ruth Darley

    This is an excellent review on our very talented local band This Eden. Yes, they sound as good live as they do on the album.

  2. rossall123

    I’m glad you approve – I hope I get the opportunity to see them one day

  3. Ruth Darley

    I hope you do too.