The Maccabees – Given To The Wild album review

The long awaited third album for The Maccabees has finally arrived, and what an album I must say – well worth a listen.

Once upon a time The Maccabees were quite a reserved band. They concentrated on feather weight falsetto harmonies, twinkling tremolos and the occasional staccato stabs on that same battered electric guitar every other indie pop outfit were using at the time. But now it seems they’ve grown.

They’ve evolved into a beast that’s able to drain influence from whomever it sees fit – in this case apparently the boys have chosen David Bowie, The Stone Roses and Kate Bush.

‘Pelican’ is the first single to be released from the album and it gives you a good feel for what to expect – it hosts all the normal features we’re used to associating with the band, but with more humph. It’s a bold choice for an initial single, as I don’t feel it shows off the album to its utmost potential, but nevertheless a strong track.

One of my personal favourites is ‘Feel To Follow’. The rhythm section drives the track throughout – so well locked together and yet so beautifully juxtaposed by the soft accompanying guitars and newly introduced light synth lines that it just works. I wouldn’t be surprised if this track was to be a contender for an upcoming single release.

It’s suitably followed by ‘Ayla’, which opens with a Moby-esque arpeggio, and the rest of track grows around it.

The overall production of ‘Given To The Wild’ has been grabbed by the crotch and ordered into submission: a much brighter and well composed level of concentration has been put into this L.P. It’s so well knit together one the whole, it opens fairly crisp yet subdued and progresses into something much bigger than you would have expect from The Maccabees.

When questioned about the album title, lead singer Orlando Weeks explains: “‘Given To The Wild’ is the first line on the album and was a title idea we had pretty early on. But it wasn’t until we’d finished recording that we could come back to it and know that it suited, it just felt right.”

Given To The Wild’ released on 6 January, and the first single ‘Pelican’, was released ahead of the album on 30 December 2011.

Find the published version here, One Media


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