StayOkay! – Time To Grow EP review

StayOkay are a young alternative rock quartet hailing from Dublin. Their debut EP ‘Time To Grow’ showcases their ability to work well together as a band – a strong rapport between the group is evident, and I haven’t a doubt that they’ve got the chemistry aspect down to a tee. Unfortunately chugging along with a clichéd American alt/rock sound has been done a million times, and if they want to make something of themselves in the immediate future, their sound needs expanding.

‘Time To Grow’ is by far the groups strongest track, and was a clear choice for the EP title, however after you’ve finished with the Air Traffic-esque number there’s little else that would make them stand out above other groups in the same genre pool.

StayOkay are currently unsigned and if they don’t step up their game, I fear they’ll remain that way.

Chadwick’s vocals are quite tight on the whole, but a few slips on ‘Lay Your Worries To The Ground’ and ‘Towards The Finish Line’ bring the overall quality of the record down immediately.

On the upside the rhythm section’s strong – the drums are often the cement in a group, and in this instance there’s little change. O’Shea drives the band with apparent ease – rock steady.

Overall this band require more time to grow – they’re beginning to find their feet with the ‘Time To Grow’ single and with more of the same, they could potentially be on their way.


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