Winehouse joins The 27 Club

Amy Winehouse – undoubtedly one of the biggest vocal gifts in modern Soul and R&B, regrettably met her untimely demise on 23 July 2011 at her home in Camden Hoe, London.

Despite the fact she was only 27 yrs of ages, her premature death didn’t come as that much of a shock as it’s no secret that the songstress has wrestled with alcohol and drug demons for many years.


Her burial took place just three days after passing as due to Jewish practice, the community have the deceased buried as soon as possible after death. The service took place at Edgwarebury Lane cemetery in North London.
Close friends Mark Ronson and Kelly Osbourne attended the service – Osbourne wore her hair in the classic ‘Winehouse Beehive’ as a sign of respect.
Many fans laid flowers outside her home in Camden on the evening of the 23rd.

With two studio albums, five Grammy’s and a BRIT Award for best female solo artist, there’s no doubt Amy’s music will live on and be remembered for years to come – however there’s another prominent reason she will stand out in her industry as she will be joining some of its biggest contributors as she enters the elusive ‘27 Club’.
The 27 Club is made up of a collection of passed musicians, all of whom died at the same age – some of the more critically acclaimed individuals include:

  • Kurt Cobain – front man of what’s considered the finest early Indie rock band to date. Nirvana sold over 50 million records worldwide, and included Krist Novoselic on bass, and Dave Grohl (now famed as the frontman of Foo Fighters) on drums.
    Cobain committed suicide on 5 April 1994. His death was pinned as a drug overdose, however he was found with a shotgun pointed towards his chin.
  • Janis Joplin fronted Big Brother & The Holding Company. One of her most notable performances was at Woodstock in 1969 – her haunting bluesy vocal talent was second to none.
    She was pronounced dead on 4 October 1970 after missing a performance slot at John Lennon’s birthday party. Cause of death – overdose of Heroin, and alcohol misuse.
  • Jimi Hendrix one of the most supreme, pioneering electrical guitarists of all time.
    After only being musically active for six years, taking the world by storm and showing the Beatles exactly how it’s done he died on 18 September 1970 in his hotel room in London. Following an amalgamation of red wine and sleeping pills Hendrix choked on his own vomit, and unfortunately passed soon after.
  • Robert Johnson widely renowned as the ‘Father of the Blues’. Johnson wrote some of the most covered Blues songs in the 1930’s, including Crossroads.
    His revolutionary guitar playing style introduced some of the finest guitarists to the blues alike Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker.
    Johnson was poisoned in a bar in 1938, when offered an open bottle of whiskey that was laced with Strychnine (a highly lethal, colourless substance), and he died three days later on 16 August
  • Brian Jones original founding member of The Rolling Stones. Jones was initially the leader of the band, but Mick Jagger and Keith Richards soon eclipsed his role, as they became an integral song writing duo.
    Jones left the band in 1969, and died around a month later, on 3 July in his swimming pool at his home in Sussex, England.
  • Jim Morrison acclaimed as being one of rock’s finest front men by Rolling Stone Magazine, sex icon, poet and the face of American band, The Doors. Morrison died in Paris on 3 July 1971, and his cause of death has been put down to heart failure, although no autopsy was performed.

Although Winehouse’s cause of death is yet to be determined, with such a star studded list, I can’t help but wonder if Amy’s death was accidental, or a suicide. One thing’s for sure: as she joins this party of legends, she guarantees herself a spot in the history books indefinitely.


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