Evolution Festival ’10

There’s no doubt that this weekend was fuelled by the amazing atmosphere on both sides of the Tyne. Evolution is one of the North East’s biggest and most exciting outdoor musical events and is becoming a huge success.

As I arrived at Spillers Wharf on Sunday, I was greeted by wave after wave of ecstatic teenagers, all there for more or less the same reasons. Let’s just say it’s not just for the music. However, there were lots of amazing acts for all shape and size of fan.

Evolution Festival has grown over the past four years since its infancy and has attracted a much larger fan base than I can ever remember from previous years, despite the fact the ticket prices have been whacked-up.

Some of the acts over the weekend were so popular and hauled in such large crowds they were only visible on the giant twin screens either side of the stage. Calvin Harris has played at Evolution before and the crowd was noticeably larger than his first appearance. Flaunting his unique new-age disco with tracks from his most recent album, ‘Ready For The Weekend’, he went down a treat at the Wharf.

A personal favourite number of mine was Scottish-born Paolo’s version of MGMT’s, ‘Time to Pretend’, accompanied by a large backing band. It worked really well and was brilliant to hear in such a different style.

Over at Baltic Square on Monday it was difficult to fault Manchester’s answer to its new-age ‘Daft Punk’, ‘Delphic’.
Massive electro-pop hit’s like ‘Counterpoint’ really sold them to the crowd. Fans said: “Delphic were amazing! Where did they come from?”
On the Quayside the lights and colours from the bridges worked as fantastic aesthetic pairing to support the music and was a definitely a prominent polishing to end the weekend.

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